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About California Valley Nut Company & Silva Orchards

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Brief Family History
In 1902, the Silva family moved to Sutter County California.  By 1920, Mary and John Silva had planted some of the first walnuts in northern California. The families farming diversifacation grew with rice, dry beans, wheat, sorghum, peaches, plums, tomatoes, pears and walnuts.(cont. below)
Our Company

(cont.) The Silva family, now fourth generation farmers, continue today with an emphasis on sustainability and enviromental stewardship.  In 1999, Dan and his son Chris Silva established California Valley Nut Company, LLC. with the idea of supplying quality products straight from the Silva Family Orchards. Our high quality products and customer service has garnered us an excellent reputation both locally and internationally.  As our company has grown we have not lost our personal service.  Our growers are treated as family and are included in many aspects of the sales process.  We are proud to help the small grower be a part of a global business without the high overhead and hidden costs of big cooperatives.

In 2002 we expanded our operations to be international. Stacey Silva, of Birmingham, England helped us establish a ditributorship in the United Kingdom which promotes our products throughout Western Europe. We also have a large global presence in the middle east and Asia.

The family owned business takes pride in prioviding the finest products for our customers



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